The story of Click

From growing Sky Sports to building our own business

August 2015
Implementing an important strategic move by Sky Sports to engage younger audiences, we start creating YouTube content.


F2 VS USA - 10 episodes

October 2016
Seb produced & directed the most watched bespoke YouTube video in Sky Sports history.


F2 vs Odell - 3 episodes

November 2016
We produced groundbreaking live branded content with Nike and Cristiano Ronaldo which secured further collaborations with athletes such as Rory McIlroy, Marcus Rashford and Robert Lewandowski.


Cristiano Ronaldo Livestream

June 2018
Alex took a leading role on Sky Sports Football YouTube. It reached 1 million subscribers in less than a year, having taken 3 years to gain 250,000 before his involvement.

"A quote could potentially go here from one/both of you"


August 2018
We led the development of social-first Premier League access for Sky Sports, making videos with superstars such as Harry Kane, Jurgen Klopp and many more.


Jurgen Klopp Autocomplete 

August 2019
Seb conceived and produced Saturday Social, sponsored by the wonderful team at EA Sports. The show now delivers 3 million views every week on social.


Saturday Social weekly views

January 2022
Seb became Senior Producer at Sky Sports, responsible for managing a high-performing team that creates & publishes outstanding social content.
July 2022
Alex left Sky Sports to launch Click, signing aspiring creator John Nellis, who had just 5,000 YouTube subscribers and no TikTok account at the time.
August 2022
Click partnered with Sky Sports & Barclays to produce a monthly YouTube series celebrating the Women’s Super League Player of the Month.
December 2022
Click and John Nellis capitalised on the 2022 World Cup. John was the UK & Ireland’s most-watched and subscribed football YouTube channel during the tournament. More views than BBC Sport, ITV and England combined.


John Nellis' YouTube in 30 days

January 2023
Click and John Nellis partner with Sorare to create branded content featuring world-renowned footballers from AC Milan, Napoli, Villarreal and Gerard Pique.


Sorare branded content

May 2023
John Nellis hit 1 billion views and 1 million followers, in less than 9 months!
November 2023
Seb joins Alex at Click, ready to take the business to the next level.

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